Thursday, 1 July 2010

Finally, I make and list my wolf necklace...

Just a quicky (ooh err).  I made one version of this necklace, managed to scratch the glass in the process and then in the most ridiculous, slap-stick accident that Buster Keaton would have been proud to choreograph I managed to smash the piece completely.  !!!!

I salvaged the bead dangle and the silk ribbon necklace and produced another soldered pendant, so here he is...

He needs to find a new, secure home before Mrs Clumsy handles him too much - so he's alread been listed in my Etsy shop!  :o)

TTFN, L xx


  1. I'm always dropping my work, though I would like too see your slap stick version.

    I really like like your soldered pieces.

  2. Your painting of the wolf is beautiful and that you made it into jewellery is ingenious. Thanks for sharing.



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