Sunday, 27 June 2010

All the world's indeed a stage....

I had a lovely day Friday!  I had sold my little fox necklace within 24 hours so, when I got home from the day job the first thing I did was get him all parcelled up ready to put in the post on Saturday.  Also, when I got home I found a parcel from Revelle (EDM group) containing a print of her fabulous raven picture, and.... found another parcel containing a DVD about my favouritest band in the whole wide world - Rush. I have been a fan since I first discovered music *&/! years ago.  What  a lovely set of things to come home to!!


For those of you not familiar with Revelle's artwork, you can check it out here:

I have just listed another necklace - containing a print of one of my fly agaric toadstool paintings.  I'm  quite pleased with it and was tempted to keep it myself!

I have also been quite naughty and treated myself to a brand new 'proper' camera this weekend.... not really had time to play with it yet though, maybe you'll get some practice pictures to look at by the end of this coming week!  Of course, as soon as I decide to shell out some hard earned cash on a luxury like a camera, it looks as though my cooker is about to die on me :o(   - typical!  At least I bought the camera first... if I'd thought I would have to pay for a new cooker, I would have shelved the camera idea!

Right, I'm off to watch Rush  :o)

Bye for now, L xx


  1. Congrats on your recent sale! Your latest necklace is lovely. Sounds like the post has been good. :-))

  2. Oh thats wonderful, congrats. My man is the biggest Rush fan ever, has been since his early years and I got in to Rush when we started to date... years later I got to finally see them in concert, wow, I was (Im) stuck. We're going to see them this summer (Ottawa Blues fest) they are playing in town, yeah cant wait. Will get the DVD tomorrow...

  3. Way to go on another quick sale!!

    Love the toad stool necklace. I think it is a sign you are headed in the right direction when you make pieces you find it hard to part with.




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