Saturday, 23 January 2010

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better...

Well, I did it!  I have just posted a painted envelope to the Mail Me Art 2 project and I'm really excited.  I've enjoyed doing this so much, I really needed to set myself a little project and be disciplined about a piece of artwork, and I've done it!  Hurrah!  I don't even mind if I never hear about the envelope again, I even just like the idea of that little bit of art being out there, somewhere, hopefully making someone smile.

I'm a children's librarian, I love children's books and their illustrators, so I decided to come up with idea that reflected that.  I have tried to make my piece look like it could be a page from a children's book - which meant me having to make up a bit of a story.... so, the idea is that the front of my envelope is supposed to be the illustration from a fictional - fiction book (!) you flip it over (turn the page) and on the back is the page that explains the whole piece - hopefully!!!!

So here's how it all came together, a bit at a time (without boring the socks off you).  I had a few ideas for the front first, sketched in my little sketch book...

Idea number 1:

Idea number 2:

So you have basically got a small decorated envelope, on top of the larger envelope.  I wasn't keen on either of my ideas for the 'smaller' envelope, then found this 'scribble' in an old sketch book that I quite liked...

So, that became the basis for the 'smaller' envelope design, which was essentially supposed to look like a piece of post that had been dropped onto the ground on an Autumny, leaf covered path.  The the little envelope itself is slowly being covered in leaves.  Here is the collage as I started to build it up:

As you can see, I painted each bit seperately, including the Autumn leaves, then glued them down, overlapping each other.  The final front of the envelope, after hours of painting, cutting, gluing and sticking looks like this:

You can see some of the flyagaric toadstools have managed to find their way in!  The back of the envelope I hope will help you understand my thinking for the whole piece:

The size of the piece is bigger than A4, I'd say about 13" x 9" ish (in old money!).  I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this.  I'm really fired up to set myself another project now, got to keep going!  If I hear anything - i.e. whether or not the envelope actually gets to it's destination, I'll post something here.  Watch this space! x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

No need for words

In light of the Haiti earthquake, this is the link to the British Red Cross:

The button to the right is a link to the American Red Cross.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

We come from the land of the ice and snow....

....though perhaps not from the land of the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.... !

I thought I'd put this picture from the BBC website (in case you haven't seen it - if you are outside the UK it won't have been broadcast on your EVERY news bulletin) showing the UK under it's blanket of ice and snow.  It is a NASA picture and quite breathtaking I'm sure you'll agree?

I find myself at home again because of the weather - so am starting on a little mail art project I have decided to work on!  I'll post pictures when I have something to show - the final piece will include some of these flyagaric toadstools!  I have decided to make the piece to look like an illustration in a children's book!  Watch this space! x

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow (hey oh)....

No artwork to post today - even though I had an unexpected day off work yesterday because of the snow.  Snow days are the best, a real excuse to just relax and not beat yourself up for being lazy, for just one day!  Actually I wasn't too lazy, I did get a couple of little jobs done that I have been putting off for a while (never a bad thing) and I have  been thinking about 'pictures and projects I'd like to tackle in 2010' - coming up with some good (?), fun, silly ideas.  Watch this space....

I also spent some time looking at other peoples artwork and found the BRUSH - PAPER - WATER blog, posted by Chris Beck (see my list of blogs).  It's a lovely blog, with some fantastic work by different watercolour artists so I thought I'd share.  I've also listed his own blog - 'I'm painting as fast as I can...'.

Just to brighten this post up, here's a picture of my doggy, Scout (after the little girl in one of my all time favourite books 'To Kill a Mockingbird').  We'd just got back from a long, snowy walk and she was waiting patiently for us to get the house door open so she could run to her comfy bed and get warm.  The snow was blowing in her eyes, so she's blinking a bit.  I've also noticed in this picture that her face is showing more grey fur - aww, she's getting a little older and it makes me feel sad!

If your'e a UK resident (or anywhere with lots of snow....) I hope you can enjoy it rather than have to drive in it (me in half an hour) or, get stuck in it!

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