Thursday, 24 June 2010

I'm gonna get you little fishy.....

Now you'll probably only get that quote if you live in the UK and have ever watched Red Dwarf... one of the silliest Sci-Fi programmes ever - well worth a view.

I'm hoping this little fella will kill two birds with one stone - he's going to be adapted for the bits and pieces I am making to sell - but he was also painted with EDM 166 in mind - 'draw a fish'.

I just need to do something about the green blobs - make them look more like seaweed!!!  I've used watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil in this picture and have really enjoyed painting it - though my it was fiddly!!

I have also listed another item in my Etsy shop today...

Things are going slow, but you have to work hard for good things don't you?  I'll keep chipping away!!

You'll notice a little Wild Things Facebook button over on the right.... I'd love to see you over there if you do engage in Facebooky activities!  If you have your own artwork / craftwork on there, we could share the love - man  :o)  xx


  1. I love the seahorse. I think the green blobs are fine. The seahorse is so delicately painted.

  2. I think the background shows off the seahorse beautifully. Very nice!

  3. Oh, I really like the seahorse!

  4. The seahorsey is beautiful! What a lovely presentation

  5. Wonderful seahorse and fabulous new listing! I hadn't heard that saying- but it's cheeky, mate. I must be channeling an Aussie- I'm more likely to say "Git er Dun".
    Hard work indeed. Keep at it!!

  6. I love seahorses and this one is beautiful. I think you need to put a bit of shadow in your 'blobs', maybe give them a rounded shape...a bit like that seaweed that pops!?

  7. Oh wow...what a beautiful seahorse! Love the necklace too!

  8. Yep - the seahorse is beautifully painted and the blobs hardly seem to matter....lovely work. Do more....!!

    I'm gonna eat you little fishy....cause I like little fish....

  9. Love the fox Lesley. Just seen that you have sold him! Well done. Things sound like they are going very well for you.



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