Thursday, 29 April 2010

Update and giveaway!!!

Hi all! I have meant to post an update about my Mail Me Art 2 envelope for the last few weeks now but kept forgetting! Oops!

Basically, I found out just before Easter that my piece had arrived safely at its destination, and hadn’t in fact been dropped on a leafy lane to be buried under falling leaves, lost forever..... You can see my effort and the hundreds (literally) of other fabulous Mail Art pieces if you follow this link:

It doesn’t matter whether or not my effort actually finds its way into any new book that might get published. I just really enjoyed being inspired by the other artists and making the effort to take part. This design by Michael Hacker ( was the winner for the month of January (when my envelope was received by them):

.....and quite right too! Simple and fun, a great design, I love it!!  It's of an animal though - I'm biased!!

Now, finally.... the GIVEAWAY I have been promising forever!!!

Just leave me a comment here, and on Saturday, May 8th at 1pm (GMT) I will draw a name out of a hat to win one of these:

Sorry, the detail in the photograph isn't brilliant - the polar bear looks a bit washed out here, but the original paintings feature in my previous post so you can get a better look there.  These pendants are 2" square, the pictures are prints of the original paintings, printed on Bockingford Inkjet 190g/m paper and treated with protective spray that protects from UV damage etc.  The reverse has hand coloured paper where I have signed and numbered the piece.  I am sticking to limited numbers of five of each piece, these are the first of each run for these images.  The prints are sandwiched between two sheets of glass that are sealed with lead-free, silver content solder.  If you win you can choose either the polar bear or the wolf and I will finish it off as either a pendant attached to a silk ribbon necklace OR a miniature for you to hang on a wall somewhere.  If you decide to take the polar bear I think he'd make a lovely Christmas tree decoration.  Anyway, it's up to you - I am happy to post anywhere - not just the UK. 

Good luck!!

Oh, and sorry the giveaway has taken so long - hope you think it was worth the wait!   :0)  x
Oh, oh!!  Etsy shop to look out for real soon.....


  1. I looked at the mail me art project, what a fun project! Just love your envelope with the dog.
    Your giveaway are absolutely wonderful and I am crossing my fingers...
    Thank you for your comment on my cat, the snow has melted so all the cats are happy now.

  2. I know what you mean about forgetting to do things, a sign of our busy lives I think.
    Both the wolf and the polar bear are really good, I would be proud to own a print of either.

  3. The envelope project seemed like so much fun! Sorry you didn't win, but the dog was really really nice too.

    I absolutely love the wolf and the polar bear, so I am hereby putting in my name for the draw! At the same time, I'm not sure which one I sould choose, so it might be best if I don' win ;)
    (In the originals I liked the polar bear best, but in this seeting, cropped like this, then the wolf is just darling too!)

  4. I think mail art is so much fun. what great projects there were. I would love to receive one of your pendants. they are both so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to see what you create next!

  5. I was going to participate in the MailMeArt project a while back, but couldn't think of anything creative to do. I guess I was putting too much pressure on myself to do something "fantastic". Maybe I'll try again. It does look like so much fun!

    Oh, and I would LOVE to win that polar bear!!

  6. LOVE the dog envelope! What a creative fun project. I could see that design selling!

    I'd love to win either print, so put my name in for your drwing!

  7. I have seen those MailMeArt websites and I think it's a great idea to promote and share art all over the world =)

  8. Your design for the dog envelope is so very clever and charming! Good work!! (And I am not just saying that to win a pendant :-)

  9. Wish the dog envelope was mine!! Ha ha! That was the winner for the month of January, by an artist called Michael Hacker. I did mention in the post that it wasn't my work but I didn't put his name which was very remiss of me. I did tag him. It's a pity there is no web site for him, it would be great to let him know the lovely comments you are all making. Oh, but there is a e-mail address, maybe I'll drop him a line.

    Thank you for the lovely comments about the giveaway.... I'm getting quite excited about this, it really feels like I'm taking another step forward with my work!

  10. I love your paintings, how talented you are. Would love to win some of your artwork. Fingers Crossed it's me!!

  11. Found a web site for Michael Hacker and edited the post so it's more obvious who created the fab dog envelope. Check his site out, it's great!

  12. Well I've waxed lyrical before so here I am adding myself to the queue for a give-away! Would love the wolf. xxx

  13. Both pendants are wonderful - I'd be honored to have either of them! nancy

  14. Both are lovely - I have just the spot on my everyday ornament tree for either one! Thanks for putting this together!

  15. I love both your little artpieces, but if I won I think my choice would be quite obviously the Wolf since my name is... ta da: Wolf! It´s just almost destined for me I think ;)



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