Monday, 5 April 2010

Come on baby, and rescue me!

I am not posting as regularly as I'd like to, but just to tide over the next couple of days until I get my 'giveaway' organised I decided to share this story....

My friend sent me one of those e-mails - you know the type, one that goes around the world and no one knows where it started.  This is just a fabulous story though and I'm sure you'd enjoy it too.  So here are the pictures and the words that came with them.  I don't know where they originate from, but whoever took them and shared in the first place, a great big thank you!  Oh, being in the UK I had to Google the location, so in case you weren't sure - like me - Donner Summit is in California.

"A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40) at Donner Summit, on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge. Somehow the bear caught the ledge (see unbelievable photo, below) and pulled itself to safety. Authorities decided that nothing could be done to help Saturday night so they returned Sunday morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge.

After securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, fell into the net, lowered, then woke up and walked out of the net.

There is a moral to this story you know.  This old bear made a wrong move and found he was hanging by his nails.  Somehow he was able to pull himself up onto the ledge where he saw he was in a very bad, impossible situation and what did he do?  Yep, he took a nap and sure enough the situation took care of itself while he was asleep.  The moral is that when confronted with a bad situation sometimes the best solution is take a nap.  So next time you see someone asleep at work, they could be just problem solving!!"

Right, I've got lots of work I should be cracking on with now..... think I'll go for a nap xx


  1. Stumbled on to your blog. Great story, incredible pictures! Thanks for sharing that.

    (Some really nice artwork on here too, love that wolf watercolor)



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