Thursday, 18 March 2010

If you go down to the woods today.....

I have to share this link with everyone as this website has been captivating me for weeks now.  It is a WildEarth TV channel - a webcam that is set up in the den of a hibernating black bear called Lily and her little (extremely demanding) baby Hope.  They live in a place called Ely in Northeastern Minnesota, USA.   This link comes with a warning however - if you look you WILL be hooked, and if your'e hooked, you'll get nothing else done!!!!

This is Lily - photograph taken from the Wild Earth website.

This kind of website is what makes the internet a wonderful thing, how fantastic is it that I can sit here in my little Yorkshire house in the north of England watching a black bear and her cub live in the wild on a different continent?!!  Enjoy!!

Oh and I'll be back very soon with some new artwork, L xx


  1. oh no. Why did I follow that link!? How cute does that cub sound! Internet is indeed an amazing thing, thanks for sharing!

  2. That's sweet. She was sleeping like my cats with her paw over her nose. And snoring...
    Thanks for sharing, I can use that in homeschooling. We are studying animals and their habitats next week.

  3. I'm constantly captivated by it... glad you both like it and hope you don't find yourself spending too many hours stuck to the computer! I actually sit and sew with a cup of tea - well it's a great excuse for half an hour!
    Florence I hope your children enjoy it! I'd love to know there response!

  4. I am not even going to look! I don't find enough time as it is to do what I should. She is awfully cute though isn't she?!

  5. Coooeee! Thank you for your visit and lovely comment Lesley...I love your watercolours...and will probably not get anything done for rest of day watching wee bear!



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