Sunday, 7 February 2010

You say it's your birthday

I have had such a busy few weeks (months) in my proper job I have hardly found time to produce any artwork.  Which has made me feel very sad.  It was my husband's birthday last weekend and I didn't even manage to get his birthday card finished on time!  I have worked on it all this weekend and when he gets back from walking the dog, I will present it to him!  I hope he likes it....

Each picture basically represents a band he loves - so he has to work out which bands they are!  He will, he's a music anorak, nothing will pass him by!  If he really likes it I'll frame it up for him.  I really enjoyed doing this.  Some of the images were more successful than others I think, but they were all universally fiddly to do as each square is around an inch and a half across.

The lack of recent artwork other than the above has made me have a look through some old images I have on the computer.  As this post is about Paul's birthday I thought I'd post this picture too.  A watercolour I did last summer (in daylight - when can we have proper daylight again???) - part of a series of studies I did trying to master painting snowy mountains.  We had visited Zermatt in Switzerland a couple of years previously and this picture was an effort to portray Paul with a dramatic mountainy backdrop.  Still not sure of the success of this piece, my sky wash is a bit weak, but I am quite fond of it because of the memory it evokes - so, here is Birthday Boy in the Alps!


Right, the light is disappearing on another weekend (where do they go?) so I'd better go and do something useful.  I have more time to myself again now, and from next weekend a week off the proper job - yey!!!  So, hopefully I'll find time to have a go at a couple of the EDM challenges I have been wanting to try - my fingers are itching to get cracking.....


  1. What an awesome and creative idea for a card. I have to admit, that some of the pics look familiar and there is tickling in my brain that I know those bands, but not all of them can I name. I do know that the Gabba Gabba Hey is the Ramones (from my high school days in the late 70s) :). I'm sure he will love it. I think the wc is gorgeous. The cast shadow is perfect and I think you got the feel of high alps. Beautiful work.

  2. What a lovely gift and I'm sure he'll be so impressed ... I know I am! nancy

  3. I love your handling of light and the way the shadow follows the form of the rock. Such clear air is difficult to convey and you've done a really good job of it here.

  4. That is an awesome, customized gift for your husband! And your painting of him on the alps...I love!

  5. I love the card and the painting. Looking forward to seeing what you produce when you have a bit more time!



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