Thursday, 25 February 2010

Getting there...

Here is my first finished pendant - made entirely by myself - painting, embroidery, beading, frame, necklace.  You might recognise this image from the Christmas cards I made, but this is a newly, specially painted polar bear for the piece. The back of the pendant is glass too, with the same blue, swirly background as on the front and more of the embroidery.  It is one and a half inches square, so I have a bit more area to play with than with the pendants posted previously.  It was quicker to make than I thought it would be which is great!  Am working on a couple more today, trying to see which images work and which ones don't.

Again, there is not enough daylight though, it is so grey and foggy here.  I really should invest in a good work lamp with daylight bulbs and stop moaning shouldn't I?  While there is still a bit of light left I will go, crank the music up (my lovely husband has just bought me the new Midlake album, been dying to hear it) make some coffee and get more work done. 


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I c an so relate to r=your comeback. i too have been working on getting back into the creative world in a more dedicated manor. some days burst with ideas then life happens and its days or weeks till I get back. I have to say i am have a better few weeks lateley.
    so hang in there an d I will stop by often!
    You keep going!

  2. This is FANTASTIC! It's one of those DYI marvels I think, and I absolutely adore it. I really like the polar bear painting anyway, but you've taken it to the next level. Great job!

  3. This is truly lovely! I love how you've blended your two loves of drawing and jewelry design! Very unique and beautiful!

  4. Lesley, where do you sell these? This polar bear is gorgeous! Revelle

  5. Thanks again for all the lovely comments! I have been working hard (in between having to do my proper job) at producing more work. I will post some more pics. I am just on the path of getting ready to begin selling online - I just have to sort out my bank account and finalise costs etc. I want to get a little bit more stock together before I start though. I'm looking at selling through the UK outlet Folksy and hope to set myself up on Etsy too. It will hopefully be just two or three more weeks now. I'll keep you all informed. Thanks for the support!! x



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