Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dashing through the snow...

Well he's probably ambling rather than dashing - here's the polar bear design I have painted for my Christmas cards.  I am busy printing lots off onto Bockingford watercolour inkjet paper and am really quite pleased with the results.  I can recommend the paper as a very reasonably priced way to reproduce your artwork.  You can buy more expensive and, one would assume, better quality inkjet papers but I am really happy with this.  I shall definitely use it again.

Today should be my final push at the Christmas cards, hopefully at the weekend I'll find some time to work on something fresh.  I have got lots of things I want to do...which first though...?


  1. Great image for your Christmas cards!


  2. This is a wonderful sketch and will make a lovely Christmas card!

  3. Lesley - These are lovely cars - I will have to look for the Bockingford watercolour inkjet paper. What weight is it? My printer can only handle light paper, so I have printed my Christmas drawing on normal paper.

    Can you tell me how you stick the image to the card? I fell that this is where my cards are let down.




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