Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow (hey oh)....

No artwork to post today - even though I had an unexpected day off work yesterday because of the snow.  Snow days are the best, a real excuse to just relax and not beat yourself up for being lazy, for just one day!  Actually I wasn't too lazy, I did get a couple of little jobs done that I have been putting off for a while (never a bad thing) and I have  been thinking about 'pictures and projects I'd like to tackle in 2010' - coming up with some good (?), fun, silly ideas.  Watch this space....

I also spent some time looking at other peoples artwork and found the BRUSH - PAPER - WATER blog, posted by Chris Beck (see my list of blogs).  It's a lovely blog, with some fantastic work by different watercolour artists so I thought I'd share.  I've also listed his own blog - 'I'm painting as fast as I can...'.

Just to brighten this post up, here's a picture of my doggy, Scout (after the little girl in one of my all time favourite books 'To Kill a Mockingbird').  We'd just got back from a long, snowy walk and she was waiting patiently for us to get the house door open so she could run to her comfy bed and get warm.  The snow was blowing in her eyes, so she's blinking a bit.  I've also noticed in this picture that her face is showing more grey fur - aww, she's getting a little older and it makes me feel sad!

If your'e a UK resident (or anywhere with lots of snow....) I hope you can enjoy it rather than have to drive in it (me in half an hour) or, get stuck in it!


  1. Your flowers below are beautiful!

    I know what you mean about the snow keeping coming - I can't believe how much we had just today! Your pup looks happy in it though. Have you seen the NASA picture of the UK? I tried to make a link here but blogger won't have it - search for White UK Nasa and that will find it. We're in East Anglia right under that thick white swirl....

  2. I´ve never seen the snow and think it will never happens. Here in my country we have too much sun to allow it. But your picture made me feel like if I were around your dog, steping into the white floor. So cold outside! Gosh! Nice!

  3. Aw! Cute doggy! I can't get my cat to put his feet on the grass right now. I think he doesn't like how it crunches!

  4. You have a sweet doggie! My dog loves the snow too. We haven't had that much this year in New Hampshire, but just very cold weather which I hate!!!!! And she doesn't mind at all!



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